Chris, Elise & Hazel

meet Chris, Elise & Hazel…

i just met this beautiful family last Sunday, and they are just the sweetest!  my dad works with Chris and they were talking one day about how they really wanted to get some family pictures done, and my dad was nice enough to refer them to me…haha.  Stephen went with me to this shoot, and we just talked about all kinds of things together…from favorite artists to raising a child.

and little Hazel was just sooo adorable.  she was one of the most relaxed babies i had ever seen, just very easy going and fun.

she loves her mama to death, you can tell…

but i think she just might be a daddy’s girl…i would know, i am one myself!

we did the entire shoot in a little park near their home.  it was difficult at times, with all of the people and cars around, but we managed to have a lot of fun and get some good shots in (i think!)

thank you guys for letting me spend some time with your wonderful family, and i’m sure i will see you again soon!

the slideshow is coming very soon!



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Grammy Pearson

Hi Jess,
I’m Chris’ mom…you are VERY talented…beautiful pics of my beautiful L.A. family! Thanks for sharing!

hi karen! thank you so much for checking out the site and i’m so glad you liked the pictures! there are more to come. i’m almost finished with their slideshow and i just finished editing the rest of their session, so i want to get everything to them as soon as possible 🙂 thanks again and take care!

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