so, i mentioned this shoot a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to post a few photos!  this is Christina, an old friend from high school =)

when we saw each other a couple of weeks ago, we were trying to figure out how long it had been since we had last seen each other.  i think we figured out that it had been about 13 years.  13 years!  i just couldn’t get over that.  where in the world did 13 years go?  i just think it’s so unfair how fast time goes sometimes!  anyway, we met in Redlands for the shoot.  it was so great to catch up a little bit and hear about all of the amazing things she is doing.

i always knew she was going to be successful, so i guess i wasn’t too surprised to hear that she started her own law firm: Gagnier Margossian LLP

i told her that i seriously thought she would end up being the 1st female president.  she has always been very into politics…i could never keep up in a conversation with her if the topic was politics!  haha!  and i remember her kicking some serious butt in debate team when we were only freshmen in high school.  Christina, it’s still not too late to be the 1st female president…i could still be right! =)

well, regardless of where life takes you, i know you will continue to be successful in whatever you do!  it was great to see you, and i hope another 13 years doesn’t go by before i see you again =)



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