Eden & Zion

i had the great honor of photographing these two adorable kids this past Monday night…

the first time i remember meeting them was about 2 years ago.  i had just moved back from Seattle, and i was shopping at Trader Joe’s with my husband (fiance at the time), Stephen.  he knew them from church because he used to lead worship with their parents, Kent & Pam.  anyway, Zion could have only been a few months old at the time, and he was just the cutest thing (still is!) and i remember offering to babysit.  you never took me up on that offer, guys!  haha!

i had so much fun with this shoot because it was just really laid back.  they have an awesome backyard, so i went over to their house and we just spent a majority of the time playing back there!  it was wonderful!  Zion was a little bit shy at first and was hiding under the little bench swing out back.  i asked him to show me his skateboard and he slowly began feeling a little bit more comfortable with both me and the camera.  by the end, he was a total ham!

Eden was totally opposite and wanting me to take pictures of her as much as possible! haha!  she loved the continuous shooting mode on the camera and kept wanting me to “make it go fast!”  needless to say, i ended up with almost 500 photos from the session…lol =)

she actually reminded me A LOT of myself when i was a kid.  i’m so sorry, Pam!  she showed me her room and introduced me to all of her dolls.  and she is quite the artist!  she has a chalkboard easel in the sunroom and can draw much better than i ever could =)

one of my favorite moments was when Zion accidentally fell off of the couch near the easel, and Eden crawled down on the ground with him and was like “it’s ok…are you embarrassed?”  it just made me smile.

at this point, i pulled out the bubbles and he was totally fine!  we had such a blast with the bubbles!  their dad, Kent, joined us, which made it a lot more fun for the kids and gave me a chance to be more of an observer.

this is one of my faves!  don’t ask me why, but she liked the taste of the bubbles!  haha!

thank you again guys for letting me come into your home and capture some of these moments =)  the slideshow is coming SOON!



p.s. if you want to see more photos from this session, you can check out my Facebook page here: Jess Robertson Photography

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