meet Jasmine =)  she was the 1st winner of the Twitter contest we had last week!

i met Jasmine almost a year ago, now.  we took our dog, Chandler, to these puppy training classes at Petco, and she was one of the other people in our class.  she was there with her mom, who i thought was her sister for the 1st few weeks until we started getting to know them =)  one of my first memories of Jasmine & her mom was them helping me find a collar for our dog, Chandler!  i was having a difficult time controlling him in class, because he was SO strong (and still is!) and Stephen couldn’t be with me every time to keep him in line, so they stayed after class and let me try the collar that they were using for their dog, Abby.  it was perfect, so they took me over to the aisle where they got theirs and helped me find one for my crazy puppy =)  i remember leaving that night and just being shocked by the kindness of these total strangers.  it meant a lot to me!

as the class progressed, we spent more and more time with them.  i always made sure we were near them during the lesson, because they were great company.  we tried to get Chandler and Abby to be buddies, but they never seemed to like each other much =)  we need to try again, now that it’s been a while!  anyway, we learned that Jasmine was into theater, so we went and saw her in one of the shows she was in at Lifehouse Theater last Christmas.  then, Stephen and i produced a commercial for an energy drink contest, and Jasmine was one of our actresses.  we’ve just kept in touch with her and her family since, and they are awesome people!

this girl just has an amazing spirit.  she is so much fun to be around and so full of life!  we love you girl and wish you the best!  thanks so much for spending the afternoon with us and putting up with our wackiness…don’t forget that “cute boy” smile =)



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