a friend of mine introduced me to this site last night & i’m hooked!  after getting caught up on the episodes to date, i came across a little giveaway that they are having 🙂  we were asked to post a photo that tells a story.  this is one of my favorites, and i will leave it to you to interpret…

[Framed] Giveaway

feel free to post any of your thoughts in the comments section.  and be sure to visit the [Framed] site and become a fan on Facebook and Twitter!

if you’re a photographer, this is such an awesome resource.  in just a short amount of time i was introduced to some amazing photogs that i had never even heard of, including Red Leaf Studios who is sponsoring this giveaway.  check it out…i’m just sayin 🙂




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This is one of my favorite images of yours too!!


Lovely shot Jess. WOW.

thanks so much girls 🙂

Jess! I’m glad you like the show so much! I really like how they have such different types of photographers featured every week. Really shows you how creative you can be. 🙂

@Paige totally agree! i was so impressed!

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