Mother’s Day Mini Sessions!

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone is doing well! We have had the virus from hell in our home since the beginning of this month and we are so ready to finally say farewell to it. Zach, who rarely gets sick, even got pneumonia. Fun times.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to…wiping noses, washing hands, cooking meals, handing out meds, preparing herbal infusions and essential oil diffusions. I’m so thankful to have a supportive hubby to not only help, but to not judge me when I ruin a frozen pizza. I’m not even kidding about that last part. It really happened. Thank goodness wine and chocolate were part of the menu that night.

All of this to say…

Moms, you work your butts off! It’s time to do something special for you. I know, I know…you might be thinking of pedicures and massages. I even opted for getting my car washed last Mother’s Day. It’s the small things in life, right? BUT, while all of those things are great, the awesomeness wears off pretty quickly.

So, I have a better idea. If you’re like me, you rarely get to be in photos with your kids. Let’s change that! This Mother’s Day, I encourage you to do something special for you that will last a lifetime 🙂

I am so excited to announce Part 2 of this year’s Spring Promo – a full day of Mother’s Day Mini Sessions! There’s less than a week left to sign up, but I still have a few spots!

Los Angeles Mother
On Saturday, May 2nd, I will be in LA to capture the amazing bond between mother & child. Don’t miss it! All ages welcome!

Call or email to reserve your spot today! jess (at) or 818.588.6138

Can’t wait to see you there!



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