Family, Fun & FOOD! – Newport Beach

every year my family rents a beach house for a week in Newport Beach.  it’s definitely one of the highlights of the year!

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I was so excited to see a post from you this morning. I was even more excited when I saw the pictures and felt like I was on the beach. The shots are beautiful Jess. What awesome memories you must have of that place. A tradition you must carry on when you have little ones 🙂 Next year I am inviting myself to be one of the friends that drop by…LOL

Thanks, Christina! I hope to be able to carry on a tradition like this…so much fun! And of course you guys are invited next year =) I wasn’t able to stay long enough this year, but hopefully next year will be different!

Loma Linda University – My Last Day! & POTD

this is my baby…Chandler the Bing =)  and even though it has nothing to do with the rest of my post, i just wanted to share a photo of him because he’s adorable! i just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your support and encouragement.  from my […]

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I am so happy & excited for you girl! You are going to go so far and I see so many blessings in your future! I am consistantly blown away by your work. I feel blessed to have met you and getting to know you better. You are as amazing as a person as you are a photographer! Have a great last day of work and I am looking forward to seeing more blogs, tweets, facebook posts and PICTURES!!!! YAY Jess, you go girl!!


You are so cute honey! I look forward to being a bigger part of your life AGAIN! I’ve missed you so much! As far as grocery shopping without the rest of the world…awesome! Sleeping… awesome! Cooking…ya,doubtful! But you will be so busy shooting that it won’t matter…right? I’m so proud of you for having the guts and knowledge to move forward. I admire you so much, and I admire Stephen for believing in you and supporting you. You guys are great and I love you both to pieces! And money??? who needs it…right? Congrats on your new chapter in life and may God bless it immensely. I love you!


Hey sweet person, on to more fun and more adventures…….you will do great no matter what you do!
I love love love the picture of Chandler………..he is the cutest puppy! They are great dogs! La U


Hey Jess –

I am so excited for you and this new chapter in your life! I have enjoyed every minute of our working together and I have learned sooooo much from you. You are an amazing woman and I am lucky to know you. Work will not be the same without you. I guess I’m going to have to get a twitter account to keep up with all of your success!

So, when are we going to lunch? 🙂

Love you lots!

PS – you know what you are???? Don’t make me say it.

Christina, I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have met you. YOU are so amazing and I am just so blessed by your friendship. I feel like I’ve known you longer than I have. I look forward to learning more from you, as a woman, a photographer, a mother & a friend. You rock and can’t wait to see you again =)

Mom, thank you again so much for your sweet words. I already told you yesterday, but I just so appreciate your support and encouragement. I love you to pieces!

Mel, thank you, thank you, thank you! I so appreciate you reading my blogs and just being so supportive. I love you! And he is an awesome dog =)

Jo, OMG you’re not silently stalking me anymore! I really am gonna miss seeing you everyday, but can’t wait to go to lunch. Maybe we can even start next week?! You have been SO wonderful to work with, I can’t even begin to tell you. And I have learned so much from YOU, so i think you got that backwards =) I’ll help you set up that Twitter account, then other people will think you’re really popular too when you leave work and your phone starts blowing up with messages…haha! Love you, too, and talk to you soon!

Emmy’s 1st Day of School

hey everyone! sorry i’ve been MIA for a few days.  this was seriously the most sick i’ve been in a LONG time.  and every time i thought i was getting better, a whole new set of symptoms would start.  it’s been a long two and a half weeks, but i’m excited to finally be feeling […]

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Fantastic work, Jess – thank you SO much! Can’t wait to see the rest!

D F Hermann

Fantastic pictures!!
Some of the best I’ve ever seen

thank you so much to both of you!!


Great work, Jess! You’ve captured that bubbly personality with the expertise of a veteran.

What filters, if any, are you using?

I like the B&W with the hula hoop in color. I’d be interested in a similar effect with just the eyes in color; either of the last two photos on this page would be a good candidate, but you may have others that would work even better.

thanks so much, Peter! it was nice to get to meet you the other day =) i am actually only using a UV Protection filter, so nothing special!

and i would be more than happy to apply that effect to some of the other photos…so glad you like them!

thanks again =)


<3 as usual. She is so beautiful!! You are going to have to teach me the B&W conversion with the pop of color. I am not as precise….LOL
Great job Jess

Christina, i will totally show you! we need to start making a list…lol!

Eve & Morgan – Slideshow!

hi again! so, i’m still feeling pretty crappy, but i got a little bit done today =)  what’s up with getting sick in the middle of summer, by the way?  so weird! anyway, i’m excited to share the slideshow for the beautiful Eve & Morgan…hope you guys enjoy! Music: “The Bird and the Worm” by Owl City

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JESS!!!! This slideshow was powerful, the relationship between mother & daughter SHINES!!! That girl is so stinkin’ cute & you can tell she’s got personality. You did amazing (AGAIN).

thanks so much, Christina! she has a totally fun personality! haha =)


Amazing… just… Amazing!