Rhys & Evan

growing up, i did not have many close friends, but two of the people i could always count on during most of those school years were Tracy and Traci =)  as a funny aside, both of them have the same middle name too (“Lynn”), which is also my middle name.  Tracy (with a “y”)  got […]

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Mike Crowder (Dad/Grandpa)


It was so good to hear that you and TL got together and youo were able to meet the little guys.

I sincerely hope that life is treating you well.

Recently I had a brief email from your Dad, I hope they are well and keeping busy.

I am now living in Tucson, if your find yourself close please get in touch with me.

Take care,


Jess, those pics of Rhys and Evan are so cute! Can’t wait to see more! You did good babe! Love you!

Christina, Rich, Jacob, Cassidy, Megan & Jeremiah

happy friday everyone!  hope you all had a good week and hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend ahead =)  i am actually off to enjoy a little date night with my hubby soon, but wanted to post the slideshow real quick for this awesome family!  you met them briefly in my last Photography 101 post, […]

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That was great Jess! I enjoyed it so much! They are so cute!
Love you, mom


Teary eyed again…LOL I <3 them so much I can't stop watching. Thank you

Photo of the Day (POTD) & Updates!

oh my gosh!  it has been such a busy couple of weeks, but i can’t tell you all how much fun i’m having!  i just want to stay home and edit photos and learn more about photography all day long =)  soon enough! anyway, i am almost done editing the photos from the last blog, […]

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OMG Jess, BEAUTIFUL. I love this so much, it is really touching. I love keeping tabs on your work because you continue to inspire me so much!!!

Eve White

Jess— I KNEW I would love your shots even before I saw ONE… but as soon as I saw this I showed this to my mother (she’s in town for the weekend) and we both LOVED this shot so much. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping you would capture. These fleeting moments—that so often we don’t even remember as mothers, as people… or only faintly as if in a faded dream. Our children move so quickly our memories can’t hope to keep up which is why photographers like YOU are so very important.

I love the reflection and the angle and the color and… all of it. Oh my god–I look forward to more shoots with you in the future as well! Brilliant-brilliant!!! Thank you for letting us play–and capturing our playfulness. I wait with baited breath to see the rest!!!


Christina, thank you so much..that really means a lot! Guess what? I just finished your photos! I’m rendering the slideshow now, so I’ll send it your way =)

Eve, your message just blew me away. You are so sweet and I really appreciate what you had to say because it just captured the reason why I’m doing this to begin with…to capture those fleeting moments for people =) So, thank you. I’m so glad you liked the photo, and I can’t wait to get to the rest of them!

David White

Jess, My daughter is Eve, so Morgan of course is my granddaughter, I would like to know what it would take to get a copy of this picture? Wow! I will be in California in Sept, would love to meet you when we are there visiting Ev, Bryan and Morgan…Thank-you for such a lovely picture….Well done!!!

Kathie Robertson

I think you should enter this one in a photo contest. I love it! By the way, how much is it going to cost me to get you to come to Texas and photograph my grandkids, aka your niece and nephew??

haha! omg i would LOVE to! believe me, i’ve thought about it =) are you guys coming out here anytime soon? if not, we need to start saving for some plane tix!

Photography 101: Do Your Research!

i just want to preface this blog post by saying that it’s my desire to make this blog a place where i not only share the stories behind all of the amazing people that i meet, but also a place to share the lessons i learn along the way =)  i really want you all […]

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Ha, ha Jess, lesson learned. Yes, I learned that lesson too that day. I must say I would have never known you were nervous. You handled it very well & it all turned out great. I had fun, the kids had fun (I missed Rich but what can you do). The pictures are A-MAZ-ING and I can not wait to see the rest. Thanks again & I had a blast!! You are an inspiration and Stephen is a great guy too. He really helped keep Rich company…LOL I <3ed meeting him too


Jess, if you ever give up photography…you should be a writer. Great blog! I really enjoyed it…you are amazing, and you’re mine…yay!

thank you to both of you! i really love reading your comments and appreciate the love 🙂

Christina, Steve loved hanging out with Rich 🙂 We should definitely try to get together again sometime soon!


Ha! Great post and images Jess! Thanks for the tip. Christina – you do have a beautiful family. Wish I could have been at the get together!


Love the photos, what an adventure that was! Thanks for letting me join you that day!

diane, we wish you could have been there too! thank you so much 🙂

sara, thanks again! it was great seeing you 🙂 hope to see you again soon!

A permit REALLY! I mean REALLY, just to take photos. Was it clearly posted that one would be required to get a permit when taking photos. I mean without some way to prove that you should have known a permit was required the “confiscating” of equipment quickly becomes someone trying to steal your equipment. Guess it is better to avoid confrontation though.

i know, right?! no, it wasn’t posted anywhere. but i guess i didn’t realize it’s a state park now which would have been my 1st clue! thanks for stopping by =)

Grandpa’s 80th – Slideshow!

hey everyone! i’m working on like 10 things at once right now, but just wanted to do a quick blog post to showcase my latest slideshow featuring more photos from my Grandpa’s 80th Birthday party a few weeks ago =)  i hope you enjoy!

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Jess that was so great. I have never wished I was at an eighty year olds birthday party as bad as I do right now. You captured great moments that made it look so fun. Beautiful!!
Looking forward to the sneak peek too 😉


Jess, that was awesome! You captured all of the special parts of the day. Love you!

Thank you so much to both of you!! Love you too, mom =)

Jill (The Other Jill)

What a wonderful tribute!
Made me cry….


Dear Jessie & Steve,
What wonderful treasures of my best birthday ever. You guys did a fabulous job. Can’t wait to see the shots of my 100th.

hi the other jill! thank you so much!

grandpa, thank you thank you thank you =) we love you so much and we are so glad that we got to be a part of the day in such a special way. of course we’ll be there to capture your 100th! love you tons!