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Every woman is an artist! Whether you believe it or not.  It is my goal & passion to teach you to use your creative voice by means of your camera. We women are mothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, wives, and PHOTOGRAPHERS – most of us have taken on the role of Principal Photographer in our homes & I want to teach you how to do that better!

I have teamed up with Nationally Acclaimed Photographer Me Ra Koh to bring you the absolute BEST Photography workshop to teach and empower you to take your photo skills and confidence to the next level!

You will not only learn the functions of your camera and how to use it to the best of its ability, but you will also learn amazing techniques to capture those wonderful moments in your family’s life – this is an invaluable investment that will last a lifetime!

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This workshop was such a wonderful way to take a step back from the chaos of life, enjoy some time with inspirational people, gain the confidence to capture those small amazing moments we sometimes forget exist among the chatter, and walk away feeling ready to take on a new journey.  I hope more and more women will take the opportunity to do the same! (Dana)

Loved every minute of it!!! You have a gift…thanks for sharing it. I’m so excited to put what I learned into practice. You and Stephen did an AMAZING job today!! (Sherry)

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