3 Tips to Taking Better Photos in Low Light

i am so excited to be a part of a monthly blogging project with a group of amazing photographers! me and a number of my fellow CONFIDENCE Teachers are joining forces to give you some photo inspiration every month based on a certain theme. similar to a relay, i will link to the next CONFIDENCE […]

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[…] head on over to one of our CA CONFIDENCE Teachers, Jess Robertson, to see her photo tips and beautiful examples of shooting in low light!  Her blog will take you to […]

These are beautiful… great post!! 🙂

@allison thank you!

Lake Arrowhead Family Session {Lake Arrowhead Photographer}

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! i hope you all are having a great week so far and looking forward to the upcoming long weekend! yay! in case you missed it, Me Ra Koh did a post this week on Babble.com featuring 14 Tips for Capturing Love. you have to check it out if you haven’t already! and […]

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Jess I Love these! What amazing interaction you captured .. Which I love .. Always!

@Kelli thanks so much girl! they were adorable together! 🙂

Mike Brown

You’ve done a wonderful job! I love these photos.

@Mike thank you so much!!

My 1st Me Ra Koh Confidence Workshop

happy Tuesday! i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! did y’all watch the Super Bowl? i have to admit, i don’t follow football throughout the year, but i watch the Super Bowl every year & wonder why i don’t watch football more regularly…i get so into it! and the whole power outage thing definitely added […]

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Thank you again SO much Jess! I have said it a million times and yet it never seems to be enough to express my gratitude. You are such an amazing person through and through. You touch peoples lives in ways you cannot imagine. This is just another seemingly logical step on your path in life. This workshop was such a wonderful way to take a step back from the chaos of life, enjoy some time with inspirational people, gain the confidence to capture those small amazing moments we sometimes forget exist among the chatter, and walk away feeling ready to take on a new journey. I hope more and more women will take the opportunity to do the same. Congratulations Jess on your 1st workshop! p.s. you have a great assistant too!

Lynda Kennedy

so awesome Jess!
& thanks for using the picture where everybody looks good :o)

@Dana thank you so much for your sweet comment 🙂 it really made my day! xoxo

@Lynda lol thank you and you’re welcome!

[…] Jess’s workshop in CA.  See her full blog post and photos here!  I LOVE this photo by one of her […]

Happy 1st Birthday, Zach! { A Travel Town Train Birthday Party }

Happy 1st Birthday, Zach! { A Travel Town Train Birthday Party }   dear Zach, i can’t believe i’m actually writing this post…how has a year already gone by since you were born, little man?!  i don’t even know where to begin to express the amount of joy you have brought into my life. i […]

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Oh my GOODNESS! What a wonderful party! Love your attention to detail – and of course, it’s all beautifully photographed. Zach is a very lucky boy!

Oh man, time flies!! Happy birthday Zach! 😀 Love the series of photos, especially the one of him drooling. My 3 month old niece has just started drooling and it’s hilarious looking at her photos! Love the party theme and all the little details as well!


Thank you for sharing Zach’s first birthday party!! You did an awesome job with the party and photos. Love everything about it!!


Lovely post 🙂
Looks like an amazing birthday party, great job! I love all the images but the one of him on the train with you and he is waving is adorable!!


Happy 1st Birthday Zach! Time goes by so fast when you have something to gauge it by. Your years now consist of realizing you forgot how old you were but MUST be old because your son is 5, 10, 15, 20 years old. Enjoy every moment. Love you all <3


Wow! Such a sweet read Jess, and I love how you captured this special day in your blog. He will love to read thru this one day…which won’t be too far down the road. Looks like you all had a blast and I’m so glad he enjoyed his big FIRST birthday.


Oh my……. can’t believe a year has gone by! So sad that I have not yet met little mister in person :o( but I feel like I know him so well with all the photos and posts!!! One of these days soon I hope……. sooooo Happy Birthday little Zach! You are a very lucky child to have such wonderful parents and a very loving BIG family! May life be ever special for you! xoxo

thank you so much everyone for the wonderful and sweet comments! you all are awesome 🙂 love you guys and thanks for loving my little man! xo jess

Matt + Tiera: Love is in the Air! {Lake Arrowhead Photographer}

  oh my goodness..how is it Thursday already? where do the days go y’all?! i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again…it is SO true what people say about time speeding up when you have kids! it’s unreal! well, i hope you all are doing great. i am so stoked to share this session […]

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Stephanie Wight

OMG!!! JESS!!! These are amazing! So full of love but laughter as well!!! Soooo Matt and Tiera! I love how, in some pics, he is serious and she is being goofy and then it switches! I love the snowball in the face pic!!! Ohhhhh I wish I could have seen what happened after that moment! And then the very last pic, after the snowball, they are so very serious. Tiera looks like she is doing a photo shoot for a magazine, totally in character in that pic! Matt too! They are so very comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, geez….I wonder why! 😉 What a fun time you all must have had! Love is a crazy thing! So wonderful that they are so happy! Matt has grown into an amazing man! As all 3 of you Angel kids have grown right before my eyes and each and everyone of you are so precious to me and I am proud of you all!! I miss you all being little but so excited for this chapter in your lives, love, marriage, babies! Great pics! I love them! And I love you!


Oh how much fun! Great pictures and Jess all the funny things you mentioned about Matt I so can invision……. been there and done that, that is the perk of being your next door neighbors for so long…… yes I remember a naked little Matt T.M.I. I remember holding him in the hospital the day he was born and thinking “This one is going to be special” or totally spoiled with two sisters! hehehe I have not had a chance to meet Tiera as yet but they do make such a beautiful couple….. here’s hoping!!!!! As always…….. you and I assume youe hubby?? did a FANTASTIC job on the photo shoot! Love ya

Jane Angel

Wonderful pictures, Jess. How can I order several?

@Stephanie & @Melanie thank you so much for the sweet comments! Love you both tons! see you soon!

Sarah Miles

Great pictures, Jess… OMG, Matt is an adult :/

@Sarah yes he is! crazy huh?!


You and Stephen never cease to amaze me, girl! Once aain, you truly have captured them as they are, at least that is what I get from looking at it as I don’t know them. You guys are amazing that you can bring to life these pictures capturing TRUE and REAL moments. Love it, and love you two!

Beautiful couple too!