Photo of the Day (POTD)…introducing Mr. Robertson

as some of you already know, there is a 2nd half to Jess Robertson Photography…my amazing husband, Stephen!

we met about 8 years ago, when we were introduced to each other by some mutual friends.  i knew how awesome he was right away, but i had to convince him that i was pretty great, too =)  we dated off and on for a few years, until i moved to Seattle.  and it must have been at that point that he realized he didn’t want to live without me, because he finally started coming around!  just teasing, honey…but seriously =)  anyway, to make a long story very short…i came back to California, he proposed a few months later, and we got married just over a year ago.

he is super talented himself, but he was patient enough to teach me some basic camera stuff.  he took me on a little road trip for my birthday last October, and that was the very first time i got my hands on a REAL camera.  he was even willing to be my model on the first day, so that i could learn about depth of field =) haha!

i don’t know what i would do without this man!  he is my rock, my best friend…he inspires me, he encourages me.  in fact, i truly believe that if it weren’t for him i wouldn’t even be doing photography as a business!  baby, i love you and i am so grateful for you.  thank you for all of your support and belief in me.  thank you for all of the long nights you have put in just to help me get this business off the ground.  i’m so excited to be able to share this passion and journey with you!



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Eve White

More terrific photos! You should give me a stack of your biz cards and I can keep them in my file at the studio and whenever I hear someone needs a photographer… bam!

Eve, that would be awesome! I will get some to you for sure =) Thank you!

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