Tiny Prints Holiday Card Promo of the Year!

I’m so excited to share the BEST Tiny Prints Holiday Card promo of the year with my clients, friends & family!

For 24 hours only, you can get 25% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on your entire order with promo code: HOLIDAY25FS 

I’ve seen a lot of their promos, but it doesn’t get much better than this 🙂

And, to make things even better, even if you haven’t chosen your photos yet, you can still take advantage of this awesome offer! If you place an order NOW without putting any photos on your card, your order will not ship. You will be able to go back into your account at a later date, upload your photos and just resubmit your order with the photo(s) in it!

Again, you can take advantage of this sweet deal here: Get My Tiny Prints Holiday Cards! and entering the following code when you check out:HOLIDAY25FS

Tiny Prints Holiday Card Promo

Hurry up! This special Tiny Prints holiday card promo ends at midnight tonight!


p.s. If you did pictures with me this year and need any of your images for holiday cards, just email me: [email protected]

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