Happy 2nd Birthday to My Little Man!

Happy 2nd birthday to my amazing little man!


Everyone warned us how fast it goes, but I don’t think I ever could have prepared myself for how quickly you are growing up.

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Your smile. Your laugh. Your sense of humor. Your hugs and kisses. The way you like to watch yourself throw fits in the mirror. We love all of you more than we could ever express in words. You amaze us every single day. No, seriously. Almost every night, after we’ve put you in bed, we comment on how awesome you are. (The rest of the nights, we feel thankful that we survived another day of your TBD…aka Toddler Bipolar Disorder 🙂 )

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We are so thankful to be your mommy & daddy. You have taught us so much already and made us love more deeply than we ever thought possible.

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We love you monkey! Happy Birthday!!!

Zach 2nd Bday


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Happy Birthday, Zach! What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy. Can’t wait to celebrate with you on Saturday! Much love,
Aunt Sherry


Happy birthday, Mister Z! I have loved watching you grow up! xo

Christina Ware

How touching. I love this post!
Happy Birthday Z!


Jess, this is amazing! I love it! I would love to copy it and keep a book with each year in it. (which I’m sure you’re doing)

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy! I can’t tell you the amount of love and awesomeness I feel when I get to see you. Well, and when I don’t…I drive your mother crazy!

You are the light of my life! I wake up everyday thinking about you and looking forward to seeing all of the new things you know and do. You’re so sweet (except for your TBD…JK!) and loving. I can’t wait for my next hug and kiss.
I love you little buddy!
Have a very blessed Birthday and let’s party!!!

Thank you so much, everyone! Loved all of your sweet birthday wishes and love you all!

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